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Order of The Builders

The Order of The Builders is Kentucky’s newest Masonic sponsored youth organization in Kentucky. Arthur M. Millard founded the original Order in Chicago, Illinois, on March 2, 1921. The organization is for young men between the ages of 9 and 21 who are the sons, brothers, grandsons, or nephews of members of regularly constituted Masonic Lodges and their immediate or closest boyhood companions. Master Masons may become Associate Members and be a part of the chapter’s Advisory Council of Master Masons.

There are two degrees in the ritual of the Order, the Apprentice Degree and the Builders Degree.  Both degrees teach important lessons about the principles of democracy and the ideals of Freemasonry.  The Builders’ activities are determined by the members at their regular chapter meetings and may include a wide range of social, athletic, fundraising, and civic service projects.

Members from Pennsylvania and Illinois instituted the Kentucky Chapter on October 29, 1995.  On December 29, 1996, Bowling Green Chapter was chartered as an independent chapter.  The following chapter were later chartered:  Henderson Chapter on March 22, 1998; Somerset Chapter on April 19, 1998; Scottsville Chapter on March 4, 2001; and Sons of Solomon Chapter in Brownsville on January 26, 2003.  The Order has exclusive territorial jurisdiction within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  However, it is in fraternal accord with Pennsylvania and Illinois Builders.

Each chapter has fifteen officers, and presiding officer of a chapter is called the Master Builder. The eight elective Officers must be chosen from among the junior members. The seven appointive members can be either junior members or associate members.

The associate members from the Advisory Council of Master Masons and elect five members to the Executive Council, who work with the chapter. Other Master Masons along with Non-Masonic fathers or male-guardians of the young men, may attend a meeting of the Order of The Builders after taking a pledge.

Kentucky Order of The Builders Website


Grand Chapter of Kentucky Order of The Builders

2010 - 2011 Grand Chapter Officers

Grand Master Builder
Thomas Knight

Grand Deputy Grand Master Builder
Mikey Peay

Grand Senior Inspector
Josh Blankenship

Grand Junior Inspector
Jimmy Bunch

Grand Secretary
Ryan Rutheford, P.G.M.B.

Grand Treasurer
Kolby Sullivan

Grand Chaplain
Danny Schofield

Grand Marshal
Kyle Bond, P.G.M.B.

Grand Sentinel
Taylor Berry, P.G.M.B.

Past Grand Master Builders

1995 - 1996
Walter "Trey" Dixon Sadler, III

1996 - 1998
Dennis Walter Wolf

1998 - 1999
William Andrew Wolf

1999 - 2000
Ronald Wayne Pierce

2000 - 2001
Kenneth Dan Gipson

2001 - 2002
Brandon Dale Johnson

2002 - 2003
Tyler Matthew Berry

2003 - 2004
Richard Devin Stewart

2004 - 2005
John Ed Taylor

2005 - 2006
Shawn Curtis Knight

2006 – 2007
Taylor Alan Berry

2007 – 2008
Jacob Tyler Keith

2008 – 2009
Daniel Ryan Rutheford

2009 – 2010
Kyle Dixon Bond

2010 - 2011 Central Council Officers

Supreme Master Builder
Leonard “Mike” Knight (355)

Supreme Deputy Master Builder
Jaime Jackson (852)

Supreme Treasurer
Danny Rutheford (208 / 323)

Supreme Secretary
Jake Keith (517)

Supreme Chaplain
Dennis Knight (355)

Supreme Marshal
Tyler Berry (852)

Supreme Sentinel
Mike Taylor (592)


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